Engine Block Repair Kit for the Porsche® Cayenne

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BACKGROUND: If you are reading this, then you probably do not need to be told about the problem with some Cayenne motors that cause their pistons to gall against their cylinder walls. We have had blocks in here for repair from 2002 through 2012, all models. The damage is severe, and the engine must be rebuilt. If you look at the pictures below, (click on any picture to enlarge it) you will see the number and depth of the scratches and gouges. Note too that every scratch on the cylinder walls has a matching gouge on the piston skirts. You need more than just the block repaired, you need new pistons and rings, and a solution so this will not happen again.

WHAT OUR CAYENNE KIT IS: We have developed a complete solution for the Cayenne owner. The block will be bored out slightly to clean out the gouges, and then plated with our NiCom*/Nikasil ®" process to near-stock bore sizes again. The finished bore will be stock, or 0.010" to 0.020" over-sized. Then we also manufacture a completely new set of matching forged pistons for your Cayenne, with a custom wrist pin provided so these new pistons will work with your stock Cayenne connecting rod. These forged pistons are made for us by Wiseco, and they are top-quality. New Nikasil-compatible piston rings are also provided.

* NiCom® is an electroplated nickel matrix with silicon carbide particles uniformly dispersed throughout. The carbide is extremely hard, but not abrasive because of its minute particle size, which averages two microns. The inclusion of these dense ceramic particles raises the hardness of the composite and provides unique properties, particularly when plated on aluminum. NiCom® has been found to be so effective that leading manufacturers (General Motors, Mercury, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Porsche, BMW, Audi, and others are now using it on new cylinders as well as repairs.

More information about our NiCom® block repair here: https://928motorsports.com/services/Niksail.php

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Upon receipt, simply assemble your engine and put it in! You can use stock head gaskets and bearings. You will re-use your stock crank and connecting rods too. Your Cayenne will now have been upgraded to forged pistons and NiCom/Nikasil® cylinder walls to provide many years and miles of worry-free driving.

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