Engine and Chassis Dyno Services

928 Motorsports uses both a Chassis Dyno and a dedicated Engine Dynometer

ENGINE DYNO TESTING: Great for breaking in a new engine, testing different cams and equipment, and tuning a new motor. This is our favorite way to break-in a new Porsche 928 motor, and then tune it and measure its final output. If the customer order includes our Electromotive engine management, we can tune the engine under load and ship the ECU with the motor to the customer. This way, you receive a new engine that is already broken in and tuned. Just put it in your car and go!.

Engine Dyno Testing is $850 and includes mount up , break-in, tune and then testing a new engine. Other iterations (changing intakes or camshafts on the dyno, for example) are extra. Consumables like gasoline and oil are also extra. Appointment required.

Watch one of our 928 Engine Dyno's

CHASSIS DYNO TESTING: Obviously the easiest way to measure engine output if the engine is in the car. Also good for diagnosing and correcting driveline problems. New engines can also be broken in and tuned on the chassis dyno. We often use the chassis dyno twice, once before any changes are made to establish a "baseline", and again after the changes have been made (a supercharger added, for example) to tune and measure the improvement.

Chassis dyno testing is performed at $150/hour with a two hour minimum. Electromotive tuning adds $50/hour. Dyno testing is done by appointment only.

Engine and Chassis Dyno Services - from 928 Motorsports
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Watch a typical chassis dyno