Head Restoration for your Porsche® 928

Saving Corroded Heads from the Dumpster: It's not uncommon to remove a head from your 928 motor only to find so much corrosion on the gasket surface that the new head gasket can not seal. Do not throw them away! We can restore those heads and put the metal back where it is missing. The heads will get bead-blasted to remove all the corrosion and soft metal, then welded up to put the missing metal back. Then they are milled flat again.

This is a cheaper option than replacing the head, especially if you are working with hard-to-find head models.

Prices below do not include a valve job. A restored head usually goes on to have a valve job done once we finish fixing the casting.

Pricing: Head restoration is performed on a time-and-materials basis. As a general rule, head restoration averages about $600 per head, depending on condition.