Paxton® Supercharger Rebuilds

Let our experience rebuilding, racing and tweaking superchargers work for you.

Our experienced techs will open your Paxton up, inspect it, clean it, replace all 4 bearings and the seal, re-assemble it, bench-test it, and return it to you. Our turn-around is fast, most of our customers receive their supercharger within 1 week from the time we receive it.

The Standard Rebuild includes: OEM-grade bearings on all shafts, new seals, and our special twin-lip seal on the impeller shaft. All parts are SAE rated. We also will carefully shim your impeller to the volute for maximum blower output - often gaining a complete PSI or two for our customers without even a pulley change!

The Premium Rebuild includes: Our upgraded mechanical seal for the impeller shaft, and our ceramic high-speed bearings. These bearings are rated at 72,000 rpm in oil, and can run in the high 60,000's++ all day. Accept no substitute! If you think your going to spin up your Paxton a little faster for more boost - these are the bearings you need.

++ NOTE: Confirm that the other supercharger internals (input bearings and the impeller) can also be safely operated at your planned impeller speed.

WHAT TO SHIP: Ship only the supercharger to us for rebuilding. The drive pulley can stay on. There will be a surcharge if there are any mounting brackets, idler pulleys, etc that we must remove in order to rebuild the unit.

How to Send In Your Supercharger to be Rebuilt:

Item Supercharger Part Number Price (USD) Shipping*
Standard Paxton® Rebuild U.S. Only: $36.00
All Others:
Premium Paxton® Rebuild U.S. Only: $36.00
All Others:

* Domestic US shipping shown. International shipping will be calculated based on location.