Powder Coating / Powder Painting of Automobile Parts

As a service, we will take in your car parts, mask them and powder coat them in the color you choose, and return them to you. We can powder coat any part that can withstand 400 degrees without damage. Our Industrial oven produces a very tough, glossy baked enamel finish that is statically charged to attract to the metal part. Our oven holds most heads, cam towers, and intake manifolds with no problem. Parts under 22" wide, 16" high and 19" deep fit best, the oven chamber is about 24" wide by 20 tall by 21 deep. Email anything larger to be sure it fits.

You may select any of the colors in the photo below.

The cleaner your parts are when they arrive the more money you will save.

This service is best when you send the part to us already stripped to bare metal. Then we can just pre-bake, etch, and paint it at $50 an hour.

If we have to remove the old paint before we can paint them, we charge $50 and hour to do that.

Parts must be thoroughly degreased before they arrive here or there will be a $30 surcharge.

List of Charges and Services:
  • Masking, Powder Coating time = $60.00 hr.
  • Set-up charge per color requested = $15.00
  • Paint removal time = $70.00 hr.
  • Degreasing surcharge - $30 per part
  • Disassembly/reassembly time = $90.00 hr.

This is a great finish for race car parts, hand-made parts, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes parts, and all classic car restorations. Dress up your engine, and make it easier than ever to clean! Please email us for our truck-dock shipping address. Send any questions you may have before sending any part to us. When shipping, be sure to package parts well and insure them for the full value.

Return times vary from 2 to 4 weeks depending on workload. You will only pay actual shipping costs to ship the item back to you.