ProCharger Supercharger Rebuild Service

For all ProCharger® P-1SC, D-1, and D-1SC Superchargers

BACKGROUND This is a SERVICE. Ship your ProCharger® supercharger to us, and we will replace all the bearings and seals and return it to you.

OUR PERFORMANCE REBUILD We are now using PTFE (Teflon) coated Viton in our seals fro minimum resistance, highest shaft speeds, and best wear characteristics.

The impeller bearings will be replaced with high speed thrust bearings mounted in opposition to maintain the impeller position exactly within the supercharger. The input shaft bearings are also replaced, as is the input shaft seal (also Viton high-temp).

All bearings are as good or better than OEM. All bearings are pre-lubricated during assembly to assure a cool break-in.

THE WARRANTY: A Limited Warranty is provided on all rebuilds. Call us for a copy.

Turn-Around time: about 1 week on the average

From 928 Motorsports, LLC® the Performance Builder!

Item Size Part Number Price (USD) Shipping*
ProCharger Supercharger Rebuild Service U.S. Only: $36.00
All Others:

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