Race Car Build and Prep

A Porsche® 928 makes an excellent GT sports-racer.

Starting with the near-perfect weight distribution it offers, the true double-wishbone suspension, and the grunt of a V8 to power you out of the corners, the Porsche® 928 is an excellent platform to race.

Many of us who do race the 928 comment on how well behaved the car is and easy to drive fast, yet with capabilities that still bring enjoyment and challenge to novice and experienced drivers alike.

Use our racing expertise and results to your advantage, by having us set up your 928 racer for you.

We can start with a street-stock car and work forward, or any 928 that is built or partially built. Your choice.

Services can include:

Contact Carl to develop a custom plan for your race car project.

These services are performed by appointment only - so plan ahead!

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