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Powerdyne® BD-600, BD-10, BD-11, or BD-11a Standard Supercharger Rebuild
also: Ford Motorsports, B&M, and Cool Charger

Our experience rebuilding, racing and hot-roding the Powerdyne® Supercharger means a better rebuild for you.

Our techs will open your Powerdyne up, inspect it, clean it, replace all 4 bearings and the belt, re-assemble it, bench-test it, and return it to you. Our turn-around is fast, most of our customers receive their supercharger within 1 week from the time we receive it.

We use ABEC-7 dust-sealed HSS deep-grove bearings (Powerdyne uses an ABEC-5 rated bearing). Our bearings are rated at 7 tons - beyond the work load and more durable than the older OEM Powerdyne bearings. Because our bearings have tighter tolerances, they whine a little bit more than the OEM bearings, but most owners report an increase in blower boost output. We also install a true Gates 33 GT Belt, making our rebuilds stronger and more durable at a lower price!


PURCHASING: Add the item below to your cart and check out to pay for the racing rebuild service. Then just pack and ship your head unit to: 928 Motorsports LLC, 604 E Maple St, Horicon, WI 53032 We recommend you pack it well and insure the shipment.

WHAT TO SHIP: Ship only the supercharger to us for rebuilding. The drive pulley can stay on. There will be a surcharge if there are any mounting brackets, idler pulleys, etc that we must remove in order to rebuild the unit.

To Order a Supercharger rebuild:
  1. Fill out this form and put it in the box with your supercharger
  2. Click on "Add to Cart" and pay for your rebuild now.



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Standard Powerdyne Supercharger Rebuild



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