Vortech® Supercharger Rebuild

For all Vortech® V1, V2, V3, V7 and TRD Superchargers

Let our experience rebuilding, racing and upgrading superchargers work for you.

Our experienced techs will open your Vortech up, inspect it, clean it, replace all 4 bearings and the seal, re-assemble it and return it to you. Our turn-around is fast, most of our customers receive their supercharger within 1 week from the time we receive it.

The Standard Rebuild includes: OEM-grade bearings on all shafts, new seals, and our special mechanical face seal on the impeller shaft. All parts are SAE rated. We also will carefully shim your impeller to the volute for maximum blower output - often gaining a complete PSI or two for our customers without even a pulley change!

The Premium Rebuild includes: Our upgraded mechanical seal for the impeller shaft, and our ceramic high-speed bearings. These bearings are rated at 72,000 rpm in oil, and can run in the high 60,000's++ all day. Accept no substitute! If you think your going to spin up your Vortech a little faster for more boost - these are the bearings you need.

++ NOTE: confirm that the other supercharger internals (input bearings and the impeller) can also be safely operated at your planned impeller speed.

The Warranty: To see our Supercharger Rebuild Warranty, Click Here

WHAT TO SHIP: Ship only the supercharger to us for rebuilding. The drive pulley can stay on. There will be a surcharge if there are any mounting brackets, idler pulleys, etc that we must remove in order to rebuild the unit.

How to Order the Right Rebuild Service for Your Supercharger

Read the tag on your supercharger and match the Model and Trim number with our chart below.

How to Send In Your Supercharger to be Rebuilt:

Item Supercharger Part Number Price (USD) Shipping*
Standard Vortech® Rebuild U.S. Only: $46.00
All Others:
Premium Vortech® Rebuild U.S. Only: $46.00
All Others:

* Domestic US shipping shown. International shipping will be calculated based on location.