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928 Motorsports is your source for Porsche® 928 parts, Porsche® car parts and anything else related to the Porsche® 928. From 928 parts for upgrades and modifications to cosmetics and restoration, 928 Motorsports has all of the answers. You can check our Porsche® parts catalog for all of the Porsche® car parts you need. With a passion for cutting edge Porsche® 928 performance parts, be sure to check back often for news and improvements.

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Service for your Porsche® 928
   Cayenne Block Repair Kit
   Complete Tune-Up Kit
   Monobeam Wiper Blades
   Steel Heater Valves
   K&N Air Filter
   Mechanic's Service Cover
   Motor Mounts
   CV Joint Service Kit For The Porsche® 928 and 911
   Power Steering Pump Rebuild Kit
   Steering Rack Rebuild Kit
   Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit
   Timing Belt Service Kit
   Transaxle Oil Change Kit

SUPERCHARGER KITS for the Porsche®

1978-1983 Porsche® 928 16v with K-Jetronic Fuel System
    928 Motorsports Stage 1 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 2 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Tuner's Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 1-to-2 Upgrade Kit

1980-1984 Porsche® 928 16v with L-Jetronic Fuel System
    928 Motorsports Stage 1 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 2 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Tuner's Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 1-to-2 Upgrade Kit

1985-1986 Porsche® 928 32v with LH-Jetronic Fuel System
    928 Motorsports Stage 1 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 2 Supercharger Kit

1987-1995 Porsche® 928 32v with LH-Jetronic Fuel System
    928 Motorsports Stage 1 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 2 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 3 Supercharger Kit
    928 Motorsports Stage 1-2 Upgrade Kit

1983-91 Porsche 944, 944S, 944S2 
    1983-91 Porsche 944, 944S, 944S2

1989-1995 Porsche® 968
    Stage 1 Supercharger Kit for the Porsche® 968
    Stage 2 Supercharger Kit for the Porsche® 968


1980-1989 Ferrari Mondial with KE-Jetronic Fuel System
928M Stage 1 Supercharger Kit

1980-1989 Ferrari 308 328 with KE-Jetronic Fuel System
928M Stage 1 Supercharger Kit

Raptor V Centrifugal Superchargers

Steering Parts & Accessories For The Porsche® 928


Supercharger Kit Warranty and Quality Information

Suspension Kits and Upgrades for Road or Race

Adjustable Rear Camber Link
Complete Bump Steer Kit
Front Lower Ball Joint
Front Lower Frame Brace
Front Lower Swing Arm
Koni Shock Adjusting Tool
Long Wheel Studs
Performance Front Spring Perch
Protection Plates
Rear Camber Eccentric Bolts
Rear Camber Pockets
Rear Control Arm Bushings
Rebuilt Steering Rack
Replacement Ball Joint Boots
Ride Height Adjustment Sleeves
Ride Height Adjustment Tool
Shock Snubbers
Solid Steering Rack Mounts
Sport Suspension Cross Brace
Steering Rack Boot Replacement
Suspension Lock Nuts
Tie Rod Ends

Polyurethane Suspension Bushings Shocks

    Hypercoil Spring Kit

Spring and Shock Kits
    Hypercoil + Koni Suspension Kit
    Hypercoil + Bilstein Suspension Kit
    Hypercoil + PRO Shocks Kit

Sway Bars
     Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Mounts with Tie Down Hooks
     Adjustable Sway Bar Droplinks
     Front Sway Bar Mount Reinforcement
     Sway Bar Bushings
     Ultimate Front Sway Bar Kit

Upper A-Arm
     A-Arm Bushings
     Ball Joint Repair Kit
     Rebuilt Upper A-Arm
     Steel Upper A-Arm Replacement
     Upper A-Arm Mounting Nuts

Wheel Spacers

Tools for the Porsche® 928
   Air-Fuel Adjustment Tool
   Cam Timing Tool
   Cam Belt Tension Tool
   Camshaft Profile Tool
   Camtower Socket
   Engine Lock
   Frame-Mounted Jack Points
   Fuel Line Clamps and Tool
   Injector Puller Tool
   Jack Adapter
   Koni Shock Adjusting Tool
   Oil Filter Wrench
   Quart Oil Pump
   Porsche® Hub Stand
   Power Bleeder
   Ride Height Adjustment Tool
   Service Covers For The Porsche® 928 and 944
   Temperature Indicator Strips
   Thread Gauge
   Transaxle Socket
   Wheel Stud Tool

Transmission and Transaxle Parts For Your Porsche®

Automatic Kick-down Kit

CV Joint Service Kit for the Porsche® 928 and 911

Limited Slip Plates for the Porsche® 928 LSD
SUPER-LOCK LSD for Porsche® 928 Models

Rebuilt Half Axles for the Porsche® 928
Rebuilt Automatic Transmissions
Rebuilt Manual Transmissions
Rebuilt Torque Tube

Shifters Transmission Conversions

Solid Alloy Transaxle Mounts

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Kit
Transaxle Oil Change Kit
Transaxle Cooler Kit For The Porsche® 928

Used Parts For Your Porsche® 928

Porsche® 928 Wheels
  Wheel Spacers
     Front & Rear Wheel Spacers for the 928
     Center Cap for Forgeline Wheels

  Performance Wheels
     Forgeline GA3
     Forgeline GX3
     Forgeline GZ3
     Forgeline WC3
     Forgeline SO3

  Performance Wheels
     Forgeline GW3R
     Forgeline ZX3R

  Frame Mounted Jack Points
  Custom Fitted Car Cover with Storage Bag
  Hood Liner
  Jack Adapter
  Race Roll Bar
  Street Roll Bar
  Street-Sport Roll Bar

      Cryogenic Brake Rotors 944/951/968

      Aluminum Flywheel for the Porsche® 968
      Clutch Kits for Porsche® 968

  Dash Trim Items
      944/968 Console Switch Overlays

      Distributor Cap Covers
      Electromotive TEC GT Engine Management System
      Ignition Wires
      Knock Sensors

      Billet Oil Filler Cap for the PorscheĀ® 928 944 951 968
      Idler Pulley Upgrade for the Porsche® 968
      Heavy-Duty Racing Camshaft Chains
      Offset Camshaft Key Set
      Oil Pan Drain Valve
      Underdrive Alternator Pulley

  Engine Lettering
      Engine Camtower Lettering for 944, 941

  Gaskets & Hoses
      Graphite-Composite Steel Head Gaskets
      Multi-Layer Steel Head Gaskets
      Silicone Cam Tower End Cap Gaskets
      Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit

      Flow Matched 944 Fuel Injectors
      Flow Matched 968 Fuel Injectors

      High-Output LED H3 Bulbs for Fog and Driving Lights
      Nighthawk LED 7" Headlamp Conversion Kit

  Supercharger Kits
    1983-91 Porsche 944, 944S, 944S2
        1983-91 Porsche 944, 944S, 944S2

    1989-1995 Porsche® 968
        Porsche® 968 Stage 1 Supercharger Kit
        Porsche® 968 Stage 2 Supercharger Kit

Paxton Upgrades and Parts

8-8-Rib Paxton® Supercharger Pulleys
8-8-Rib Paxton® Supercharger Pulleys with Sur-Grip®
Paxton Pulley Spacers

Paxton Novi 1200 and 1220 Performance Impeller

Paxton Novi 1000, 1200, 1220 1500 Rebuild Kit

Paxton High-Speed Seal Set Novi 1000, 1200, 1220, and 1500

Paxton SL Series Lubricating Oil

Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for Paxton® Superchargers

Paxton® Rebuild Kits

   Paxton® Standard Rebuild Kit

   Paxton® Premium Rebuild Kit

Paxton® Rebuild Services

   Standard & Premium Paxton® Rebuilds

Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for Paxton® Superchargers

Powerdyne Upgrades and Parts

Pulleys and Tensioners

Belt Tensioner Assembly for Powerdyne Installs
Powerdyne Pulley Accessory Kit
Powerdyne Pulley Spacers


Boost Limiter Valve (BLV)
   Compact BLV
   The Mega BLV

High-Performance Impeller for Powerdyne Superchargers
Impeller Housing Clamps for Powerdyne Superchargers
Replacement Impeller Shaft for Powerdyne Superchargers
Replacement Sprocket and Shaft Assembly for Powerdyne Superchargers

Standard Rebuild Kit
Performance Rebuild Kit

Gates GT Belt
Powerdyne Super-Torque belt by Goodyear
Competition Belt

Powerdyne Replacement Volutes

Impeller Shims for Powerdyne, Vortech®, Paxton Superchargers

Powerdyne Outlet Volutes for all Powerdyne BD-10, BD-11, BD-11a Superchargers

Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for Powerdyne Superchargers

ProCharger Parts

 8-Rib Power Pulleys for ProCharger P-1 and D-1 Series Superchargers

 8-Rib Pulleys for ProCharger P1 and D1 series Superchargers with Sur-GripĀ®

 Complete Rebuild Kit for ProCharger® Superchargers

 High-Performance Impeller Shaft Seal for ProCharger®

 ProCharger Performance Rebuild

 Pulley Spacers for ProCharger Superchargers

 Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for ProCharger Superchargers

Raptors and Parts

Pulleys and Tensioners

6-Rib Supercharger Pulleys for Raptor and Vortech®


Factory Rebuild Kit for Raptor Superchargers

ProCharger Lubricating Oil

Raptor V Centrifugal Superchargers

Raptor V Internal Drive Belt

Universal Adjustable Boost Limiter Valve (BLV)

Universal Raptor Supercharger Bracket

Rotrex Parts

Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for Rotrex Superchargers

Supercharger Accessories

Hi-Performance Blow Off Valve

Supercharger Belts

Supercharger Debris Screen / Air Flow Straightener

Sur® Grip Pulley Coating

Temperature Indicator Strips

Universal Adjustable Boost Limiter Valve (BLV)

Upgrades and Parts for Your Vortech®

Impellers Pulleys and Tensioners Parts Rebuild Kits

   Standard Vortech® Rebuild Kits

   Premium High-Speed Rebuild Kit for Vortech® Superchargers

Vortech® Rebuild Services

   Standard & Premium Vortech® Rebuilds

   The Super Vortech®


   928 Motorsports® Installation Centers and Porsche® Restoration

  Installation Services
     Custom Roll Cage
     Product Installation
     Race Car Build and Prep

  Engine Repair, Sleeving or Plating
     Head Bolt or Head Stud Thread Repair

  • Engine and Chassis Dyno Services
  •      Nikasil Plating of Engine Blocks
         Dry Lining Service for Porsche Engines
         Wet Wall Sleeving for Porsche Engines
         Water Pump Engine Block Repair

      Transmission Repair
         Transaxle and Differential Rebuild Service

      928 Engine Rebuilding
         Short Block
         Long Block

      Head Work
         16 Valve Head Porting
         32 Valve Head Porting
         Valve Jobs and Other Head Work

      Powder Coating / Powder Painting
      Rebuilt Brake Calipers
      Supercharger Rebuilding Services
      Supercharger Accessories

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