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928 Motorsports is your source for Porsche® 928 parts, Porsche® car parts and anything else related to the Porsche® 928. From 928 parts for upgrades and modifications to cosmetics and restoration, 928 Motorsports has all of the answers. You can check our Porsche® parts catalog for all of the Porsche® car parts you need. With a passion for cutting edge Porsche® 928 performance parts, be sure to check back often for news and improvements.

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Supercharger Kits
                 1978-83  16v K-Jet Supercharger Kit Preview
                 1980-84  16v L-Jet Supercharger Kit Preview
                 1984-86  16v LH-Jet Supercharger Kit Preview
                 1985-86  32v  Supercharger Kit Preview
                 1987-95  32v  Supercharger Kit Preview

                 1992-95  Supercharger Kit Preview

                 16v 308/328/Mondial KE-Jet Supercharger Kit Preview
                 32v 308/328/Mondial KE-Jet Supercharger Kit Preview

   A White Paper: Selecting Boost for the 928

   A White Paper: Storing Your 928

 Supercharger Service
Belt Slip Solutions
Curing Supercharger Leaks
Impeller Shimming Instructions
Raptor Belt Replacement
Seal Installation for Vortech®

  16v Manifold study and Design
  32v Intake Runner Development
  Building a 900 HP Porsche® 928 Engine
  Challenges When Racing a Street Vehicle - Session I
  Challenges When Racing a Street Vehicle - Session II
  Head Porting Study
  Making a Composite Front Clip
  Selecting Boost for the 928
  Storing Your 928
  Venting 32v 928 Heads
  Wheel Bearing Cap Enhancement
  Wheel Fitment Guide

 Performance and Competition Products
  3 Quart Accusump Kit
  Aluminum Flywheel Timing Gear Installation
  Automatic Kick-Down Kit
  Installing the 8-disk LSD
  Short-Throw Performance Shifter

 Suspension and Handling Products
  3 Piece Cross Brace
  Ball Joint Repair Kit
  Complete Hypercoil with Adjustment Sleeves Installation
  Drop Link Kit
  Front Lower Frame Brace
  Front Hypercoil Performance Spring Kit
  Installing Polyurethane front A Arm Bushings
  Rear Hypercoil Performance Spring Kit
  Rear Sway Bar
  Rear Sway Bar Mounts and Tie Down Hooks
  Ride Height Adjustment Sleeves
  Solid Steering Rack Mounts
  Sway Bar Mount Reinforcement
  Sway Bar Bushings Installation
  Ultimate Sway Bar Installation
  Upper A-Arm Mounting Nuts
  Upper A-Arm Performance Bushings

 Body Products
  A-Pillar Gauge Pod
  Armrest Support / Repair
  Auxiliary Jack Points Installation
  Hood Liner
  Installing Chin Spoiler Protection Plates
  Polycarb Window Kit
  Windshield Banner

 Brake Upgrades
  GT1 Ultimate Brake Kit Fitment Guide

 Service Items
  Oil Control Kit
  Fuel Rail Gauge Kit Installation
  Master Cylinder Bellows
  Replacing Injectors

 Engine Products
  3 Quart Accusump Kit
  32v Intake Manifold
  Cam Timing Tool
  Crank Shaft Scraper Installation
  Engine Break-in Procedure
  Installing 'Solid' Head Gaskets
  Intake Manifold Spacers
  Oil Control Baffle Installation
  Oil Pan Spacer Installation
  Oil Pan Studs Installation Kit
  Rebuilt Engine Warranty
  Solid Rubber Motor Mounts
  Using the Cam Profile Tool
  Using the Cam Timing Tool

 Electrical Products
  Electronic Temp Controller Switch
  Electromotive TEC GT Engine Management System
  High-Output Alternator Installation
  Hi-Torque Starter Wiring

 Exhaust Products
  X-Pipe Installation

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