George Suennen

George Suennen is an Open Road Racer with his Supercharged '90 928 S4, and has run in the Pony Express three times, Bonneville 100 three times, Gamblers Run twice, and the Pony II once with impressive results.

He runs in the "155" class at present - the highest class in the Grand Sports division. He is working towards installing a full roll cage, fuel cell, fire suppression system, racing seats, and new racing harness so he can compete in the Super Sport Division (160 class) in the future.

His 928 is Supercharged with our Murf928 kit, and loves its torque and broad power band. Just Look at these results!

Event Class Finish

6/22 Bonneville 100 145 mph 2nd
7/27 Pony Express 145 mph 2nd
8/21 Gamblers Run 145 mph 2nd

6/27 Pony Express 155 mph DNF (Race Stopped)
7/25 Bonneville 100 155 mph 2nd
8/22 Gamblers Run 155 mph 1st

5/8 Bonneville 100 155 mph 3rd
7/17 Gamblers Run 155 mph 1st
8/28 Pony Express 155 mph 1st

A Note about the 2006 season from George: "I plan on running the same 3 events next season. I will run the 160 mph class again for the first 2 events. If every thing goes well, then I run the 170 class for the final event. I'm going to try and get a 200 mph tech limit. This will require I change the 2.56 final drive tranny in my 90 with a 2.20 tranny from a 87-88 MY. I've got the tranny in my garage, and will be doing the transplant next month. I also have to get some tires (and wheels) that are rated over 200 mph."