Why Buy a Supercharger Kit From 928 Motorsports®

Some of the best reasons to buy your 928 Supercharger kit from 928 Motorsports:

  1. Race-tested. 928 Motorsports is the only kit manufacturer to race-test their supercharger kit. Under race conditions, a bracket or mount that is OK on the street will flex and fail, belts slip, and any design weaknesses float to the surface - fast. We have race-tested our brackets and design through 16 years of street and road-race course events without a single bracket or mounting failure!
  2. We are so confident in the quality of our parts that we offer a one year warranty on all parts except the supercharger mounting brackets, which are warranted for two years. Click here for more information on our warranty policies.
  3. All performance claims made by 928 Motorsports are Dyno-tested and certified. Many videos are available - Turn your speakers up! If you haven't heard a 928 at 6,000 RPM before, you need to hear this!
  4. The Bosch Fuel Systems are our specialty. We were the first to successfully supercharge the Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel system, and the only ones to have successfully worked out the dangerous lean condition under high R's during racing applications. Since then, we have developed more dependable supercharger kits for more models of exotic cars than any other manufacturer. We have kits to supercharge the K-Jetronic, KE-Jetronic, L-Jetronic, and LH-Jetronic fuel systems.
  5. A COMPLETE kit - when you buy a 928 Motorsports Supercharger kit, we won't send you shopping. EVERYTHING you need is in our kit, as we source out and acquire all the little things you need to make your installation easy and the results reliable.
  6. Three kits available - unlike other kit makers, we offer your 928 Supercharger kit three ways: the Stage 1 Kit for ease of installation, the Stage 2 Kit for more power yet safe, quiet, and reliable for everyday driving, and Stage 3 Kit for go-nuts performance above 600 HP from your 5.0 Liter 928!
  7. Excellent, easy to follow instructions included. Our supercharger kits are designed to be installed by the average mechanic. Special knowledge and tools are not necessary. How good are the installation instructions? You can download the first section of the manual to see for yourself! Click here to download the first section of the install guide.
  8. The best Service and Support around - answers to your questions when you need them at (920) 485-0928