Porsche® 928 Assembly at Zuffenhausen

Would you like to tour the Porsche® Factory in 1977 and see the 1978 "Car of the Year" being Assembled?

Dan Lindsay did just that in March of 1977 as he went to the Porsche® Werks to pick up his new 911S. Porsche® had just publicly announced the new 928 model on the cover of "Auto Motor und Sport", and Dan shares with us his photo-journal from his walking tour of the plant.  Copyright 1977 Dan Lindsay, 2007 928 Motorsports.

Ludwigsberg. Center for Porsche® AG's publicity center. It's a good bet that a new model will show up here as they are preparing sales brochures here. In late Spring 1977 this was the lineup outside the main building. It prompted me to dig a little deeper...
Back to Zuffenhausen I went, wandering around the railroad track side of Werk II. There were these early 928s for model year 1978 awaiting their color coats. Assembly was just beyond, through the red-framed windows. The metal-wheeled carts are seen here which are used throughout the assembly process. Workers merely push the chassis' along from station to station until the running gear is mated to the structure about halfway through.
928 transmission cases are stacked up in an anti-room near the 928 production line. Perhaps 30 meters away was the regular production line for the entire automobile.
Note the factory method for 'convincing' a final drive seal into position on this 928 trans-axle!
Further assembly of the transaxle for the 928, on site in Zuffenhausen. Today, Porsche® has such subassemblies manufactured off-site and delivered every 30 minutes as part of their Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing process.
A wide shot of assemblies awaiting their bodies, including complete exhaust systems for the 928.

Engine assembly was accomplished in the same building of Werk II as body assembly. (Today, all Porsche® engines are assembled in a separate building within Werk II).

928 engine cases fresh from the machine shop await assembly.
A completed 928 engine sits on a pallet, awaiting transfer to the transaxle mating process, before it is joined to the chassis.
Another 928 engine in partial assembly.
A nearly completed 928 engine receives additional attention.
928 motors are beginning to stack up just outside of the engine assembly area, awaiting their transaxles.
A single 928 engine sits here, awaiting its assigned chassis.
Running gear, now mated to the 928 chassis gets final bolting to the body. In the foreground is a large cage full of 928 fuel tanks.
This MY78 Chocolate Brown 928, prior to drive train mating, receives its interior appointments. In this example, the popular "Cork" leatherette is installed.
Still before getting its running gear these 928s are hand pushed from station to station, now receiving their glass windshields and side glass.
Further trimming out this 928 as its interior awaits.
With its transaxle and engine assembly now installed, the joined 928 is soon ready to roll on its own power.
This 928, still early in its assembly, awaits interior installation to include the dashboard and pedals.
A MY78 Petrol Blue 928 body, fresh from the paint shop, awaits its running gear.
A Sahara Beige 928 is prepared for its running gear. Specific accessories for this car are detailed on the build sheet taped to the body, just aft of the driver's door.
Wheels are installed, lubricants and coolants added. This black 928 gets final checks in the last station before it heads outside for its road test. To the right of this scene is the single garage door that electronically opens to let the Porsche® test driver run the car out to Porsche® Strasse and beyond!
After the brief road tests, some 20 kilometers, the 928s are returned to a separate garage within Werk II for adjustment. This Guards Red 928 gets some attention by a factory mechanic.
Within the car adjustment garage at Werk II cars are returned for final adjustments. Just outside these doors the cars will sit awaiting shipment.
Dan Lindsay © 1977