Cam Belt Tension Tool


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A must for your Toolkit, and cheaper than a Valve Job! The over-head cam engines in our water-cooled Porsche’s require little more than regular maintenance to provide outstanding performance.

One thing we do have to watch is the cam belt tension – in an “interference motor” such as ours, the valves must be lifted up out of the way precisely at the moment the piston comes up. A cam belt that jumps a tooth or slips will result in bent valves and a very expensive repair.

Belt Tension is Easily Checked This is a quality re-make of the original Porsche® tool – and it comes with instructions that show step-by-step how to check the belt tension on your 928. Similar instructions are in the workshop manual for your 944 and 951. A quick check can provide the piece of mind you are looking for, and help avoid unnecessary and expensive major engine repair.