Adjustable High-Output LED for Driving Lights


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Application: All Porsche® 928 equipped with 8″ Headlamps

Description: Although the large 8″ headlamp on the 928 was a great leap forward for night time driving, the bulb it uses has lagged behind. Early attempts at matching a modern high-output LED bulb into the large 8″ reflector didn’t go well, the reflective distance of the new bulb did not match the OEM so the lensing and focus of the light was poor. BUT NO MORE: our 8th generation LED bulbs are adjustable so you can flatten your low beams just the way you should to avoid flare-up in fog and irritating oncoming drivers.

Super-simple Installation: Just like replacing the bulb. Remove the headlamp cover (three screws), unplug the old one, plug in the new one. Light is adjustable after it is installed without tools, so easy to aim. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.

Available for both NA and ROW cars: If your 928 is North American (NA) issue, order our 9004 bulb set. If your 928 is of Rest of World (ROW) design, order the H4 style bulbs.

Matching Driving Lights available also: After you install these, you may notice two yellow beams in the street when your high beams are on. Those will be your auxiliary driving lights, mounted in the bumper on 1987-1995 models. The difference in the brightness and color of the high-output LED’s vs the old Halogen bulb is striking. So if you want to change them too at the same time, we can do that for you. Just add the Matching High-Output LED for Driving Lights to your order below.

928MS Quality: All our LED bulbs come equipped with an integral IC driver to ensure the correct wattage is provided to the LED chips. This constant-current driver provides the brightest, non-flickering light and longest life expectancy. Cheap LED bulbs do not have this feature.