Nighthawk LED 7″ Headlamp Conversion Kit


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Application: All North-American Porsche 928, 944, 911, 924, 914 with 7” headlamps.

Technology that Works: New LED technology has finally cured the ails of the old tungsten sealed-bean headlamp, which is that dim yellow light, poor lensing (blinding oncoming traffic) and high current draw.

More than Just a Bulb: These new LED Nighthawk Headlamps are more than just a new-bulb-in-an-old-reflector fix. These are whole new reflectors and lenses designed specifically for this bulb, creating the sharpest cut-offs and best light dispersion possible. Exceeds DOT specifications.

Added Plus: the lower amp draw of the LED bulbs is a real benefit for our classic Porsche® with older wiring and smaller alternators.


  • Three times as bright as the Tungsten sealed-Beam Headlamps that they replace.
  • Simple plug-in installation – nothing else to buy.
  • Precision optics for accurate light projection and control.
  • Low amp draw, easy on alternators and wiring.
  • Extremely long life. No maintenance.
  • Completely sealed and weather-proof.
  • Best vibration and shock resistance of all bulbs.
  • DOT approved, all States. Exceeds 49 CFR 571.108 spec