Aluminum Coolant Reservoir


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The Problem: The Porsche® 928 OEM coolant reservoir is plastic, and as of 2020 they vary from 25 to 42 years old. The heat of the engine compartment and the coolant itself ages the plastic and makes it opaque and brittle. Cracks in the plastic start to appear, and the next problem will be a leak. A reservoir leak left unnoticed can cause an overheating and the subsequent (and much more costly) repair of head gaskets or worse.

The Solution: Our all-aluminum coolant reservoir is a drop-in upgrade that will last the life of your car. All hoses and even the water level sensor mount right to it.

Pays for itself: The OEM plastic part from Porsche® is selling for around $470 each – if you have to replace it just once more this all-aluminum reservoir is already saving you money!

Easy Installation: Designed to drop in place without any mods to your car. Uses the same hoses and mounting hardware. Has exactly the same volume as the original also.

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