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Application: All 1978-95 Porsche® 928 engines.

BACKGROUND: The shop manual specifies that you should use PN 9127 to hold your engine correctly while rebuilding it. If you do not, it is said that you will not get the correct torque on the lower cradle, including the main bearing caps. The problem is, Porsche Tool Number 9127 is getting very hard to find! So what we did was make the support ring, drilled and taped, to fit to any engine stand with adjustable arms. Now you can support the weight of your 928 engine correctly, and get a good result!

THE TOOL: Made of heavy-duty 3/4″ thick steel for a lifetime of shop work, and painted in black powder coat for durability. Holes are tapped for M12 X 1.5 bolts, same as the block-to-bell housing fasteners.

Does not include the engine stand, or the bolts you will need to mount it to your engine stand. Different engine stands have different length arms, simply buy the length of fastener yours requires when you receive it. Photos below show out tool mounted to a Sunex 8300B engine stand with geared head and 360 degree rotation. Very Nice.