Frame Mounted Auxiliary Jack Points


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The Problem: You jack up your 928 at the jack point to do a little service/repair work on it. Perfect. Now where do you put the jack stands? The under-body frame rail is the best option, but the jack stands dent and deform that rail – they are not designed to have such a concentrated load in one point upon them.

The Solution: Our Auxiliary Jack Mounts are made from mild steel – and are strong enough and large enough to distribute the weight of the car over their length so no damage will come to your frame rail. Saves the strength and integrity of your frame, and protects it from rowdy mechanics.

Easy Installation – or Not: You can mount these Frame Rail Jack Mounts with the screws provided (the holes are already drilled for you); or tack-weld them in place for a more permanent installation. Or – do not mount them at all – just slide them over your frame when you want them, take them off when you don’t.

Complete Kit: Our Auxiliary Jack Mount Kit includes:

  • 1 pair of unpainted Steel Jack Mounts+
  • 4 sheet metal mounting screws
  • Installation Instructions