High Pressure Fuel Line


High Pressure Fuel Line, 1 Meter. Working pressure 6 BAR or 10 BAR

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Inspect your fuel hoses for cracks and brittleness. Replace them before they fail with one of these high-quality, high-pressure metric fuel lines.

These hoses are made in Germany and OEM for PorscheĀ®, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. They are the exact size used on your Porsche 928, and we have them in two types for you to choose from:
Our 6-BAR rated hose: ID 7.5mm, OD 13.5mm; Working Pressure: 6 bar or 88 psi; Bursting Pressure: 30 bar or 441 psi; Temperature Range: -22F to 194F; abrasion-resistant cover; approved for gasoline, gasoline with 10% ethanol, and diesel fuel.
Our 10-BAR rated hose: ID 7.3mm, OD 13.5mm; Working Pressure: 10 bar or 147 psi; Bursting Pressure: 50 bar or 735 psi; Temperature Range: -40F to 257F; abrasion-resistant cover; approved for gasoline, 100% ethanol, 100% alcohol, and diesel fuel.

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6 BAR Rated, 10 BAR Rated


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