Master Fuse Kit


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Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all

Background: Your Porsche 928 has more than 12 feet of unfused primary wiring coming from the battery forward to the starter and the forward battery post. It is not switched or fused, and is always live. We are regularly seeing cracks and abrasions in that 30-year-old wiring, some of which have caused car fires that totaled the 928.

Our Master Fuse Kit will install a 250 AMP or 300 AMP master fuse right next to your battery in the battery box. After installation, all primary circuits are now fuse protected. These master fuses near the battery are common on new cars whenever the battery is located in a remote location like on the 928. Now you can have this extra level of fire protection too.

Solves the problem of the multi-tap battery clamp: Since 1987, Porsche started connecting several small wires to the positive battery post directly, and this battery clamp tends to crack and break off if the wires are moved or stressed. Even worse, since these small wires are connected to the positive post directly, none of them are fused either! With the Master Fuse Kit, those wires can be installed under the fuse post (new sealed ring terminals are supplied just for this purpose), eliminating that troublesome battery clamp and adding safety to those circuits.

Selecting the Right Size for You: If your car is unmodified, select the 250 AMP fuse kit. This is the right kit for most cars. If your car has a lot of electrical add-ons, like a large stereo, then choose the 300 AMP kit.

Simple Installation: Usually in under 30 minutes. This may be the single most important thing you will ever do to protect your pet 928!

Kit Includes:

  • Master Fuse Holder
  • 250 or 300 Amp Fuse
  • Secondary Battery Post
  • Custom battery cable
  • Sealed ring terminals
  • Insulative boots
  • Stainless mounting screws
  • Instructions

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250 or 300 AMP

250 AMP, 300 AMP