Oil Control Baffle


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Application: Porsche® 928, 1978-1986 16v models only

Background: Porsche® placed the crankcase breather vent directly above the 2nd crankshaft counter-weight. If you look at the before-and-after photo below, you can actually see the crankshaft counter-weight directly through the breather hole. Unfortunately, this means that the crankshaft will sling oil straight up at the breather assembly, where it is often picked up and pumped into the air filter assembly or racer’s catch can.

Description: The louvered oil control baffle plate from 928 Motorsports provides a positive solution to the problem, and will greatly reduce liquid oil getting into your air filter or crankcase ventilation system. Our exclusive louvered design shields the venting slots from the bottom so that liquid oil cannot fly straight though. In addition, the top of the oil baffle is flat so that the breather will not collect oil, as it rapidly drains right back into the crankcase.

928 Motorsports Quality: The Oil Baffle Plate is milled from a single billet so there are no seams to leak or parts to break. We include the plate, plus 2 new, longer, mounting screws, and installation instructions.

Good for all 928 motors, but GREAT for supercharged 928s!