Polyurethane Weissach Bushings


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Application: Porsche 928, 1978-1995 all

A direct replacement for part number 928 331 588 10 “Rear Link Bushing”.

Background: The Weissach rear link system in the Porsche 928 is designed to eliminate lift-throttle over-steer during cornering. Most common rear suspension systems will toe-out during engine deceleration, creating instability and inducing over-steer. The Weissach link system in the Porsche 928 will create toe-in during the same maneuver, and the car corners more predictably as a result.

The Problem: Designed to control 216/60/16 and 225/60/16″ rear tires, this rubber bushing was not upgraded when the rear tires later went to 245/45/16 and 255/40/17″ tires. Many 928 owners have gone even wider than that in the rear, and today’s tire rubber compounds have much more grip; creating greater forces for the old, soft, stock bushing. Under these conditions the Weissach link can over-react, creating too much toe-in and causing vehicle instability once again.

The Solution: These bushings are graphite-impregnated polyurethane, a step up from the original rubber. Polyurethane suspension bushings are popular wherever cornering performance is important because they hold their dimensions even under high cornering loads. Your Weissach link will still function, but it will no longer over-react to today’s modern wide and sticky tires.

Kit includes: Bushings for both sides of the car, and instructions.