Rear Control Arm Bushings Kit


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A direct replacement for part number 928 331 588 13 “Rear Control Arm Bushing” which is no longer available from Porsche.

The rear lower control arm is responsible for maintaining even tire wear and good alignment of the rear of the vehicle. If the bushings are worn, cracked, or flattened out, the rear alignment will be lost with subsequent tire wear and handling problems.

These bushings are graphite-impregnated polyurethane, a step up from the original rubber. Polyurethane suspension bushings are popular wherever cornering performance is important because they hold their dimensions even under high cornering loads. For the 928 performance enthusiast, rear camber is lost mid-corner when the rubber bushings yield to their loads. Replacing them with polyurethane bushings means you will be able to maintain higher camber angles mid-corner and faster lap times!

Can be installed with the rear suspension in the car. Our instructions will show you how.

Our price includes all 4 bushings, 4 new replacement lower pin nuts, and instructions.