Shift Knob Adapter


Shift Knob Adapter

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The Problem: You want to replace your old, cracked, or boring shift knob on your 5-speed PorscheĀ® with some sweet-looking shift knob you have seen. But after you bought it – you realize your new shift knob has a round hole, and your shifter stalk on your PorscheĀ® is a flat rectangle.

GREAT. You need to figure out how to put a square peg in a round hole! Of course, they provide a little plastic nipple to slide over your shift lever that is supposed to take up the slack – but after a few miles or months – your new shift knob is a wobbly annoying irritant. Who can do any serious performance driving with a lose shift knob?

The Solution: We make this PorscheĀ® shift knob adapter out of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum billet, and it is a perfect fit over the end of your shift lever. Then you slide on the shift knob of your choice, and you are ready to race! No wobble, not now, not ever.

This shift knob adapter will convert your flat shifter stalk into one that is 15.7mm round. Fits all common shift knobs with a 16mm round hole. Tighten with the set-screw provided on the shift knob.


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