Complete Precision Shifter Kit


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Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all with Manual Transmissions

Background: If you have ever wanted your 928 to “click” into gear, with short precise throws – then this is your kit. This kit will remove all the slop in the system, and replace the old parts that wear out with the best new materials that will NOT wear out. Ever.

How it feels to shift after this upgrade: Now you can actually feel the detents in the transaxle when you shift. You get positive haptic feedback to your hand as each gear clicks into position. It’s very nice! If you rest your hand on the shifter, you will be able to just feel a very slight whirring of the gear sets in the transaxle. There is no sound transmitted, a gentle and pleasant “mmmmmmm” can be felt.

Installation instructions for these parts are provided in the 928 Workshop Manual, and we also provide an Installation Supplement.

Price Reduction: By purchasing the complete kit from this page, you save $20 over buying each of the items separately.

This Kit includes:

  • The Precision Shifter Ball Cup
  • The Precision Rear Shift Coupler
  • The Short Shifter with 4 new bushings

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78-84, 85-95