Exhaust Y Pipe


Y-Pipe, Aluminized Mild Steel w/ Hardware Kit (3 weeks)

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Our Y-Pipe for the PorscheĀ® 928 bolts up to your existing exhaust flanges without modification. Your existing Catalytic converter will be removed, and can be left off or can be replaced with a new hi-performance catalytic converter. Opens up the exhaust for more HP, gas mileage, and adds a nice, deep, rich V-8 sound to your 928.

Price includes gaskets and all new hardware. Everything you need.
No modifications necessary to your PorscheĀ® exhaust system.
Threaded fittings for the O2 sensors are provided.
Optional hi-performance catalytic converter can be added now or later.
Available in an Aluminized Mild Steel finish.


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