Powerdyne Forced Air Cooler Kit


Powerdyne Forced Air Cooler Kit

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Application: All Powerdyne Superchargers

The Key to Long Powerdyne Bearing Life: The bearings in the Powerdyne supercharger receive no oil from the motor to help cool them down, so to make your bearings last – they must be cooled some other way. This kit will cool your bearings with a constant wash of cold air running over them to carry the heat away, increasing the adiabatic efficiency of the blower and bearing life at the same time!

Not your Average Fan: The 928 Motorsports Forced Air Cooler uses a 12v permanent-magnet radial blower that produces a whopping 42 CFM, yet draws only 2 amps. Built with ball bearings (not cheap sleeve bearings) for long life and quiet operation. Our motor is water repellant and sealed, providing outstanding reliability and quiet operation. No special care or maintenance is needed.

Easy Installation: We provide 5 feet of flexible hose so you can mount the cooling fan in any convenient place. Best is to mount it in front of the radiator so it can get clean, cold air. Has 4 mounting holes, and is light enough it can even be held in place with just cable ties. Two wires to hook up – one Pos and one Neg. If your Powerdyne case has been vented by 928 Motorsports, all you need to do is remove one vent and screw in the 90 deg elbow we provide and put your hose on it. Done!

Complete Kit: This kit includes the forced air blower with fittings, 5′ of flexible air hose, and the 90 deg elbow that will screw right into your Powerdyne vent, and instructions.


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