Premium High-Speed Vortech® Supercharger Rebuild Kits


Vortech Premium Rebuild Kit for V1 S trim or V2 S,Si trim and TRD

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Application: All Vortech® V1, V2, V3, V7 and TRD Superchargers.

The best of everything. A pair of our top-of-the-line ceramic 72,000 rpm bearings for your impeller, our better-than-stock mechanical face seal, a set of new HSS input shaft bearings, and an input shaft seal too.

The 928 Motorsports High-Speed Ceramic Bearings: We have found the right combination of ceramic ball bearings with HSS races, and high-temp phenolic bearings cages to allow safe increases in rpm’s compared to stock Vortech® impeller bearings. Previously, the operational limits for the stock bearings on the superchargers listed above was 53,000 rpm. Our Premium High-Speed Ceramic bearings are rated at 72,000 rpm in oil, and can run in the high 60,000’s++ all day. Accept no substitute! If you think your going to spin up your Vortech® a little faster for more boost – these are the bearings you need.

The 928 Motorsports Premium High-Speed Seal: Our seal is made from the finest materials for a long life, plus it has a broader sealing range than the OEM seal, so leaks don’t happen!

Complete rebuild kit includes:

  • 2 matched ceramic high-speed bearings
  • 2 HSS input shaft bearings
  • 1 Premium High-Speed Mechanical Seal
  • 1 PTFE-coated Viton input shaft seal

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