Premium Rebuild Kit for Paxton Superchargers


Premium Rebuild Kit for Paxton Superchargers
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Application: Paxton Novi 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 Superchargers.

This kit is for those that want to push their Paxton to its limits. We include a pair of our top-of-the-line ceramic 72,000 rpm bearings for your impeller, our better-than-stock mechanical face seal, a set of new HSS input shaft bearings, and an input shaft seal.

The 928 Motorsports High-Speed Ceramic Bearings: We have found the right combination of ceramic ball bearings, HHS bearings races, and high-temp phenolic bearings cages to allow safe increases in rpm’s compared to stock impeller bearings. Previously, the operational limits for the stock bearings on the superchargers above tend to be around 53,000 rpm. Our Premium High-Speed Ceramic bearings are rated at 72,000 rpm in oil, and can run in the high 60,000’s++ all day. Accept no substitute! If you think your going to spin up your Paxton® a little faster for more boost – these are the bearings you need.

The 928 Motorsports Premium High-Speed Seal: Our seal is made from the finest materials for a long life, plus it has a broader sealing range than the OEM seal, so leaks don’t happen!

Complete rebuild kit includes:

  • 2 matched Timken ceramic high-speed bearings
  • 2 HSS input shaft bearings
  • 1 Premium High-Speed Mechanical seal
  • 1 PTFE-coated Viton input shaft seal

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Paxton Premium 1000, Paxton Premium 1200, Paxton Premium 1500, Paxton Premium 2000, Paxton Premium 2200