Vortech V3 Oil Slinger Disc


Vortech V3 Oil Slinger Disc, High-Speed design

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Background: The Problem: Many Vortech SL and V3 owners have had their oil slinger distort, bend, and get eaten by the internal gears. When the gears get damaged, this becomes a very expensive repair.

Two Solutions for You: Our standard replacement oil slinger is made to the same dimensions as the original slinger, but just slightly thicker so that it holds its shape and resists bending better.

Our High-Speed Oil Slinger is even better: the smaller diameter means it stays in balance better, is less likely to deform, and has lower parasitic drag upon it within the supercharger.

Installation Available: You can replace your slinger yourself. We can also do this for you as part of a Vortech® supercharger rebuild or seal replacement. Contact us for details.

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