Sport Suspension Cross Brace


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Application: 1978-95 Porsche® 928 all

This 928 Motorsports strut brace has been designed and engineered by us for maximum performance and to stop the bending and breaking issues that occur with the factory cross bar.

Replaces the factory cross bar that is made from thin-wall 0.043″ material with our stout square-sided 0.125″ wall 6063-T52 alloy material.

Based on the 0.043″ seamed material Porsche® used in our stock strut brace and the shape – we know that they will: Yield at 147.44 pounds of force and Fail at 224.7 pounds of force. “Yield” means bending beyond the bar’s capacity to recover – the point where it takes a permanent bend in the bar. “Fail” means the point where it would snap or buckle – changing shape dramatically.

Our bar, on the other hand, is made from extruded (seamless) 0.125″ wall 6063 T52 alloy and it will: Yield at 1,126.8 pounds of force, and Fail at 1,448.7 pounds of force. …. a 650% increase in resistance to bending.

The Porsche® 928 strut bars are subjected to BOTH compressive forces (ends being pushed together) and tension forces (ends being pulled a part). Under tension (like an understeering 928 scuffing the inside front tire on the pavement) the coil tower tops are being pulled away from each other – and any seam or transition from one material to another in this strut bar may be torn apart. That is why we designed ours to be seamless – all manufactured from the same alloy and then TIG-welded together to make one contiguous piece.

We also re-engineered the mounting flanges on each end to handle the increased strength of the center section – our mounting flanges are cut from a single billet and designed to fit around the bar for strength even before they are TIG-welded to form a single structure that has no seams, weak points, or transitions.

This is the strongest cross brace you can buy for the Porsche® 928 at any price – and yet is as much as $100 cheaper than other aftermarket bars.

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