Powerdyne Continental Super Torque Belt


Powerdyne Continental Super Torque Belt – Applied Ind

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Application : BD-600 BD-10 BD-11 BD-11a BD-12 Powerdyne Superchargers, B&M, CoolCharger, and O2 Force BD-100

Description: These belts are custom-made for us and are a direct replacement for the stock Powerdyne internal drive belt. Compared to the after-market Gates Powergrip “GT” belt, they will hold higher loads and last longer.

The Developer of the Performance Powerdyne: You can trust 928 Motorsports to bring you the leading edge Powerdyne performance products. We were the original developer of the ceramic bearings for use in the Powerdyne supercharger, and the first to make a performance impeller and impeller shaft also. Now we bring you this upgrade to the stock and Gates Powerdyne internal drive belts.


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