Powerdyne Mount


Powerdyne Universal Mounting Bracket

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These supercharger mounting plates are perfect any time you just cannot find a mounting bracket for your particular engine or car.

CNC water-jet cut from 6061 aluminum alloy, and trimmed to line up perfectly with the supercharger mounting bolt holes. (Mounting bolts not included) The rest is up to you – you can weld, cut, and drill-and-tap to your hearts content to this heavy-duty plate to mount it rigidly to any engine/application you can dream up!

Plate is 19.5″ long X 11.5″ high by 5/16″ thick, plenty of material to reach in all directions for your mounting points. Note the extra thickness, 1/4″ plates flex too much, this is the full 5/16″ thick plate as needed.

Finish is “mill finish”. Some light surface scratches can be expected.


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