Powerdyne Impeller Shaft


Powerdyne Hi-speed Steel Impeller Shaft

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Background: The Impeller shaft inside your Powerdyne is steel, but the sprocket that contacts the belt is soft aluminum with a thin hardening layer over the top of it. Ordinary wear-and-tear will penetrate that hardening layer, and once the belt reaches the soft aluminum underneath – its over. On each end of the sprocket are very soft metal tracking washers meant to keep the belt tracking correctly. They are just peened to the ends of the aluminum, and often come loose and damage the very belt they were designed to protect.

Our Impeller Shaft: We start with a solid pre-hardened steel billet, and machine the entire shaft to very high tolerances. Perfectly balanced, with no weak aluminum sprocket to wear out. The tracking washers are thicker (also made from hardened steel) and extend all the way to the center shaft – not the sprocket as before. They cannot become loose and damage the belt. We also designed-in deeper venting reliefs – these allow the air to get “out of the way” as the belt comes down. Think of this at up to 60,000 rpm… the air between the sprocket teeth will cause the belt to float if it cannot move aside fast enough as the belt comes down.

Installation: Installs as before, during your next Powerdyne rebuild. No changes necessary. If your Powerdyne has a triangular center shaft, you can upgrade to this impeller shaft so you can use our new High-Performance Impeller.


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