Premium Powerdyne Supercharger Belt


Gates 33 GT Premium Ultra Duty Belt for Powerdyne

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Application: BD600 BD10 BD11 BD11a BD12 Powerdyne, B&M, Ford Motorsports Superchargers

Our Gates PowerGrip GT belts have a special tooth design that substantially improves stress distribution and allows extra high loading. The molded teeth enter and leave the sprocket grooves smoothly with negligible friction—functioning in much the same way as teeth on a gear. Made with a super-tough fiberglass inner belt providing high strength and excellent flex life. The inner belt is fitted with special shear-resistant teeth and all covered in neoprene for protection against grime, oil and moisture. Finally, they are molded with a super-tough nylon fabric on in the sprocket facing side that protects the sprocket tooth surfaces and provides a durable wearing surface for long service.

Install a Gates GT 33 belt in your next Powerdyne rebuild and enjoy longer service intervals and smoother performance. Excellent for standard-duty to medium-duty applications.


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